YuDaiQingHua is a stone brand of Shengli Plastic Group, which integrates marble mining, production, processing and sales. The brand is mainly engaged in the gray marble series; with its own quarry, it lays a new starting point with strong strength. It is close to the space aesthetics with fashionable eyes and explores multiple business fields.
The inventory of the brand's own quarry is sufficient to ensure the procurement needs of different customers. We serve our customers with good reputation, excellent quality and sincere service.


Brand Genes

Brand Vision

“Gray stone is fashion, and gray is great and beautiful!”


We believe that life can be "great and beautiful" as long as it is treated with care. You don't have to get lost in the old-fashioned or the accompanying color scheme. The space aesthetic has its own high-class color that combines classic and popular. The gray color of the Blue-and-white marble is worthy of the aesthetic vision that you can enhance at any time.
We also believe that the marble that has absorbed the aura of nature and has been polished by time is enough to release the artistic inspiration and to carry the daily beauty in the space, so that the quality of life and happiness are greatly enhanced.


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